Wordpress Development Services

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Wordpress Development Services

Wordpress Solutions that we offer

  • Custom Wordpress Theme

    We design customized layout and then convert that into a theme for you to use it with wordpress.

  • Theme Template Customization

    We can customize the templates that you desire, and make sure that it looks the way you intended.

  • Wordpress Plug-in Development

    We can make use of many Free Plugins available along with Paid plugins Which has to reduce the time of development.

  • Professional Wordpress Development

    We offer Customization of any existing code, existing plugin on top of wordpress, to satisfy your business needs.

  • Custom Module / Extension Development

    We can make customized Plugin based on your business needs.

  • Custom Wordpress CMS

    We offer complete customization, installation and configuration of wordpress.

  • Wordpress Migration

    We do provide migration support from any other CMS to wordpress, and help to aid the process simpler and faster.


    On top of the development and design, we do offer Hourly packages to maintain and quality support your website.

Our Wordpress Development Approach

Wordpress is currently the top choice for Content Management System. Majorly because it is very easy from an administrative standpoint, where a non-tech user can manage the website build using wordpress very easily.

Why Wordpress ?

  • Open Source
  • Easy Manageable Admin
  • Search Engine Friendly
  • Easily Customized
  • No Setup Fee
  • Template / Custom Design
  • Extend Functionality via Plugins

How our wordpress programmer can help ?      

  • Professional Wordpress Developers
  • Customization of any level
  • Basecamp project management tool
  • Dedicated Project Coordinator
  • 100% Confidentiality on NDA execution
  • Expert Advice on Request
  • 30 days Free Support

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What our client says?

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Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

Is WordPress better than a custom-built PHP solution?
Well, it totally depends on what kind of solution you are looking for. So for a quick solution and if you do not wish to spend a fortune, then WordPress is a good choice. The only set back of WordPress is that it cannot handle a large number of simultaneous users.
Does WordPress Website Development provide scalability options?
Yes, WordPress based Apps can be improved upon and upgraded at any point of time
Can I use pre-built WordPress themes, can you provide WordPress theme development as well?
Yes! We can surely develop a custom WordPress theme as well as pre-built ones but the coding standard of that theme should be good. But if you are thinking long term, then we would suggest you to make you own design theme!
What are your best practices for Custom Wordpress development?
We would like to tell you that our Development approach begins right from the initial stage but is not limited to the final delivery stage. We go beyond that and provide the best in maintenance and after-sales support. We have a 5 phased approach in executing WordPress Website development projects. We always maintain the highest degree of data integrity and transparency during project execution.
Does WordPress Website takes more time to load and easily hackable?
Not really, most of the Wordpress website hacking is due to negligence. Most developers use a very weak coding standard, and that is the reason why they are prone to hacks. But skilled developers never suffer from this problem.
How does WordPress Website development Differ from Traditional Website development?
WordPress Website development is quite similar to other methods but it can vary. In WordPress, you can use pre-built WordPress themes and plugins to speed up the development process
What is a plug-in?
A plugin is an existing piece of code that adds a specific functionality to a website. Plugins enable website owners to add certain features to their website above and beyond what Wordpress offers. They can be free or paid, depending on the functionality and complexity.