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Hire Developers, Designers Resource Model

Dedicated Development Center model is offered to those customers who are looking for a dedicated resource/s to work on their projects onsite/offsite. The resource will work as per customers' requirements sets for a stipulated time frame decided prior with terms and conditions favorable at both ends. This model is more popular in recent times as the customer has a flexibility to utilize this dedicated resource as per their requirements.

  • Php Application Development Company

    We have a team of highly skilled PHP developers that are capable of handling all types of web development work.

  • Php Ecommerce Web Development

    We develop eCommerce websites with the works like Social login, Multilanguage, Advanced and easy checkout, and in fact anything technically feasible.

  • Custom Php Shopping Cart Solutions

    We offer custom PHP shopping cart solutions for those who have a unique design in mind and require highly custom design and development.

  • Php/Mysql Development

    We develop MySQL database driven dynamic PHP websites that can serve the purpose for various businesses, like ERPs, Custom Business Website, etc.

  • Php Web Services Integration

    We develop PHP Web Services using APIs to help support your website or mobile application. Whether in JSon or XML, etc.

  • Php Framework Development

    We develop dynamic PHP websites using one of the many state of the art PHP Frameworks. For example, Laravel, Codeigniter, Cakephp, Zend, many others.

  • Php Open Source Cms Development

    The Open Source CMS solutions available getting more feature rich by the day. With advanced technical skills we are able provide the perfect solution.

  • Enterprise Classified Portal Development

    We develop enterprise classified portals for business to business solutions that can do wonders for our business.

  • Support Maintenance

    We offer maintenance and support to your existing websites developed in PHP as well as support all websites we develop.

Monthly Dedicated Resource Model

Full Time Model

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Part time Model

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Hourly Model

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Full Time Dedicated Resource Model

Type Hours per Week Hours per Month Price per Month
HTML Designer 40 170
ASP.net Developer 40 170
PHP Developer 40 170
AJAX Developer 40 170
Search Engine Optimizer 40 170
Project Manager 40 170
Senior PHP Developer 40 170
Senior ASP.net Developer 40 170
  • Communication Via Chat, email and Phone when required.
  • Professionals are available at Indian Time Zone.
  • No Setup Fees
  • Billing done Monthly in advance for the next month.

Part Time

Type Hours per Week Hours per Month Price per Month
HTML Designer 20 80
ASP.net Developer 20 80
PHP Developer 20 80
AJAX Developer 20 80
Search Engine Optimizer 20 80
Project Manager 20 80
Senior PHP Developer 20 80
Senior ASP.net Developer 20 80
  • Communication Via Chat, email and Phone when required.
  • Professionals are available at Indian Time Zone.
  • No Setup Fees
  • Billing done Monthly in advance for the next month.

Hourly Packages

  • Work given would be spread across days.
    Means in one day depending upon the availability of the resource, either 2 hours or 3 hours of average work will be done in one working days.
    If you need faster response, Please order our Express services Plans.
  • Work will be co-ordinated via a coordinator who will act as a single point of contact.
  • You can't directly speak with the developer, but with the co-ordinator, who is a person well versed in Verbal and Written English
  • Work would be carried out during our day office hours.
  • No project management, Layout template designer, HTML designer, QA ( Testing) resources can be combined when you are hiring a Php Developer.
  • In order to involve multiple types of resources, you need to either take a Express service plan or contact our sales team for a Custom Combination Plan.

Express Service Plans

If you have something that is urgent which requires a Fix, our plans are as under

  • Minimum of 6 Hours of Guaranteed work per working day.
  • It can start from the next working day onces ordered
  • Can't make use of Shared resources, Means if you have hired a php developer, can't use a HTML developer or along with it.
  • The developer will not be available for Direct 1-1 chat, but the project co-rodinator can be contacted for any conversation or phone or chat.

Emergency Support Plans

  • This is useful for 24 Hours Emergency Support
  • Irrespective of the time, you can contact us and based on the availability we can start off in no time.
  • This is for a Sr. Level Developer who will be assigned to help you during any time zone of your choice.

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Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

Which development methodologies do you offer?
During the preparation stage, we consider two development methodologies, that is Waterfall and Agile, depending on your goals. Our development process also usually involves an iterative approach regardless of the technology that is chosen. For Agile, this is an inherent part of the architecture. In Waterfall projects, iterations allow us to control the development progress more efficiently and prepare regular demo versions.
How much time do you require to complete a PHP web application?
We always try to remain fair and transparent in our dealings. So we never make fake commitments with clients. And as by far the timeline is concerned, we would advise you to discuss full details and requirements with us, and once we both are on the same page, we can provide you the time estimation accordingly.
What is the average cost of PHP web design and development?
We strictly cling to a professional and transparent approach while providing you with the quotes on Cost and time estimation. So initially, we collect every single requirement of your project and calculator a far estimate to achieve that goal while breaking it down in smaller milestones. Then we present you a proposal that contains cost estimates and Timeline for every milestone. So, we would really appreciate, if you book a free consultation with our experts and do let us know your project requirements to know the quotes.
Do you provide any support or maintenance period for PHP projects?
Yes, as mentioned earlier, we do provide you with a complete 90-day support and maintenance period. During this period, we look for any kind of bugs found, performance optimization, SEO related tweaks, and more. Also, you can extend this support in the long run with us while paying a nominal fee.
What is PHP?
PHP is an HTML-embedded scripting language. Much of its syntax is borrowed from C, Java and Perl with a couple of unique PHP-specific features thrown in. The goal of the language is to allow web developers to write dynamically generated pages quickly.
Benefits of Php Development over others?
PHP web development is one of the most versatile development language available for developers today. It is also very secure, robust, and easy to update.
Do PHP App developed websites provide scalability options?
Yes, These websites can be improved upon and upgraded at any point of time, depending on customer needs as PHP is a user friendly language to develop websites.