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Receive Payments Via Credit / Debit / PayPal etc. Developed 200 + e-Commerce small to mid-size Business

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eCommerce Solutions that we offer

  • Ecommerce Website Development Company

    We are an eCommerce Website Development Company who offer custom design and development solutions.

  • Custom Ecommerce Web Development

    We can customize any of your custom need to attain the business goals that you may have.

  • Custom Open Source Customization

    Software like Magento, PrestaShop, Opencart, Zencart, Xcart, OsCommerce, any many others, can be customized.

  • Ecommerce Point Of Sale (Pos) Integration

    Integrate on-site POS software which makes easy payments via your merchant account.

  • Ecommerce Plugin & Module Development

    Extend the functionality by developing customized plug-ins and modules

  • Ecommerce Payment Gateway Integration

    The ease payment via online transactions is what attracts many customers. Majorly First Data,, Paypal, Stripe, BitCoin, Etc are few majorly used ones

  • Ecommerce Application Development

    The ease payment via online transactions is what attracts many customers. Majorly First Data,, Paypal, Stripe, BitCoin, Etc are few majorly used ones

  • Responsive Ecommerce Website

    We will create website looks perfect in all the devices. We will optimize website helps you in search engine ranking and increase product sell

  • Support & Maintenance

    We provide support for issues with the website and even maintain it with minor design or feature changes

Ecommerce Basic package

Frontend - User Features

  • Categorized Display of Products in Most widely used Row / Column Format
  • Ability to search products by Keyword
  • Ability to Display multiple alternative images for a single product
  • New Product Display Section: Shows newly added product randomly
  • Featured Product Display Section: Shows products marked by admin on a page
  • Ability to Tell a Friend, Facebook Like, or Tweet Button
  • Customer Login / Registration
  • Ability to create Address Book by the customer
  • My Account Section to view Order status and History

Backend Admin Features

  • Easy to use Admin – Not much technical knowledge required
  • Password Protected admin Interface
  • Ability to Add / modify / delete Categories, subcategories and related information
  • Add/ modify / delete products and related information like Price, Image, Description, title, model number, stock, etc.
  • Ability to place a single product in multiple categories
  • Ability to Add / modify / delete Manufacturer name, and Logo, which can be displayed on the product page
  • Ability to manage the content of static pages like about us, terms and condition, etc.
  • Inventory Stock Management on Product Level
  • Order management features, to view the order information and change in status
  • Invoice generation and printing.
  • Generation of Various reports like, Most Viewed Products, Top orders by product, top sale by customers.

Ecommerce Pro package

Additional feature in addition to all features of the Basic package Listed above

  • Ability to checkout without account ( Guest Checkout ) / One page checkout
  • Customer are able to create wish list
  • Banner Management
  • Real time Shipping rates for the customer to choose from UPS, USPS, Fedex, etc
  • Gift Certificate Management
  • Cross Selling – Upselling ( Showing a Product Y when a user is browsing Product X )
  • Quantity discounts
  • Multiple Admin accounts with Permission Module – Can be used to give access to only specific section of the backend
  • Responsive (Optimized to work on smart phones & tablets). This would be the default responsive function and if require custom mobile site or mobile customizations that would be cosidered as an addon

Custom package

  • Minimum 20 hours of block payment required
  • Any customized work in php and html
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Receive Payments Via Credit / Debit / PayPal etc. Developed 200 + e-Commerce small to mid-size Business

Our ECommerce Development Approach

We make use of many different open sources of your choice like Magento, Prestashop, Zencart, X-Cart, OpenCart, oSCommerce, etc. So that you can get a time tested solution much faster and affordable.

Why eCommerce?

  • Time tested Open source solution
  • Customizable
  • Easily Salable
  • Mobile Responsive
  • Multi Currency Support
  • Multi Lingual Support
  • Extend functionality with Plugins
  • Manage Unlimited products
  • Secure Back-end Management

How our eCommerce Programmer can help?      

  • Proficient in Installation, Configuration & Customization
  • Customization of any Level
  • Basecamp Project Management tool
  • Dedicated Project Coordinator
  • 100% Confidentiality on NDA Execution
  • Expert Advice on Request
  • 30 days Free Support
  • No Monthly Fee

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Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

Why is it important for business owners to create an ecommerce site?
It is very important for business owners to create an eCommerce website, because this is the evolving era where people do not have much time to purchase products from the physical stores instead, they would prefer to purchase the products online which would indeed save their time. So having an eCommerce website for your business will help to capture this market base and keep your customers informed about all your latest products and services.
Is there any limit on the size of my product or customer database?
Not at all! There are no such limits on the size. And the biggest benefit of having an online store is that you can add unlimited products and catalogs and at the same time you can grow your customer base as per your requirement.
What Is Involved In Setting Up An ECommerce Website?
First, of course, you'll need a site design and the usual functional elements of a website, such as a contact form. For standard eCommerce functionality, you will need several additional components: an SSL (Secure Socket Layer) certificate, a merchant account, a payment gateway, a back-end database for processing orders and storing customer information, and a shopping cart solution. And we can definitely help you with all of these items.
What are the security risks that are involved with ecommerce sites?
Being an eCommerce website owner, one should always keep in mind the three dimensions of security that is Confidentiality, Integrity, and Availability. One should develop a great strategy that could help to make the website and transactions more secure. Including encryption methods for any data transactions would avoid any hackers from gaining access to important confidential data.
What are the important things that can turn browsers into buyers?
The website should be created in such a way that it is much more oriented towards sales rather than marketing. Put your products in front rather than hiding them behind lots of marketing copy so that the visitors could easily and quickly view them. Add a page of Terms and conditions as well which would give a professional look to the website. Always provide your contact details and explain all your policies such as return policies, security policies, encryption methods, and payment options as well.
What is a Point of Sale (POS) System?

A point of sale system, or POS, is the place where your customer makes a payment for products or services at your store. Simply put, every time a customer makes a purchase at your store, they’re completing a point of sale transaction.

The POS serves as the central component for your business; it’s the hub where everything—like sales, inventory and customer management—merges.

What is a product Catalogue?
It is a detailed list of the inventory of a store. This catalog contains all the data related to the products which include product images, descriptions, specifications, price, etc. This entire process is known as product catalog management.
Do you also provide eCommerce services for Multilingual Websites?
Yes, we do offer support for multilingual product upload to help you conduct business in foreign languages. We support most of the European languages such as French, German, Dutch, Italian, Danish, etc.