We let our work speak for itself


Aarjav Shah (PharmaTech)    Rating: 5 - 34 reviews

Alakmalak has delivered everything that they had promised. Our last experience was very result oriented. They promised us traffic and that is what we got. They promised a successful expo campaign and we got exactly the same. You deserve the credit. Now I blindly trust you and that is why my company has given the charge to you guys again to promote our upcoming PharmaTech expo online. I am pretty sure this time also we will achieve the sky soaring results. Last time many pharmaceutical firms made great business and you guys are the reason behind that success. Cheers!


Einstein Mail      Rating: 4 - 34 reviews

Alakmalak is a very dependable and dedicated service provider. They are very well rounded, and offer the complete package. Initially i was hesitant to work with a team that was not local, but I am very happy I took the leap and started working with them. They are always dedicated to their products and deliver outstanding work. Always up to par, and always on time. Strongly recommended!!

Vito Russo      Rating: 4 - 34 reviews

Alakmalak Techologies is one of the most professional and most knowledgeable tech companies I have had the pleasure to work with. They never over promised and always have been honest on what a successful SEO can delivery in a particular space. While active on projects they where always reachable and responsive to all of my active changes. I wish the Alakmalak team a prosperous 2020!

Molly Yockey (Breckenridge Technologies)     Rating: 4 - 34 reviews

"We pride ourselves on providing the best technical knowledge in the industry to our customers for their formulary needs. It is important our website reflects our professionalism and company structure in a clean and organized fashion. Alakmalak Technologies did an outstanding job designing a website reflecting our company structure and offerings. Alakmalak’ staffs work ethic projects efficiency and clarity through prompt internal communications, timely alteration completion and overall service. I highly recommend Alakmalak for your website design needs."

Kamil Cabuk (HAQQ Construction)     Rating: 4 - 34 reviews

"They provide great quality for the best prices that I have found in the business. I have been very happy with their work to date and I recommend ALAKMALAK Technology highly. Thanks for the good job ."

Matthias (Kiwi-software)     Rating: 5 - 34 reviews

"The guys of Alakmalak are very quick, responsive and customer-centric."

Dr. Rama Rao (Excel Green Technology)     Rating: 5 - 34 reviews

My personal view is that occasionally in this life we run across a person that truly adds value to your life. Nancy from a web designer firm in India - Alakmalak Technologies, is such person. As you know – the winning strategy for any corporation for its sustainable growth – is the attitude and behavior of its associates and staff members – how deeply they feel to do the right things in serving the needs of its customers. If there is something above 5 stars – I would give to Nancy and her firm - Alakmalak Technologies. The firm and Nancy is absolutely everything anyone could ask for in a web designer – attentive, personable, knowledgeable, responsive, concerned and engaged with warmth of a Human Touch!

Jagdish Choudhary (Digitechincs)    Rating: 4 - 34 reviews

"Working with Alakmalak, best part is their patience and always satisfying and timely replies for all and every queries even if they are repetitive. Team helped us a lot within limited time and met all demands that we asked for. I highly recommend working with Alakmalak for any IT / Websiste development work."

Lilianna Caldera (Totally Brides)    Rating: 4 - 34 reviews

"I would like to thank you Nancy and your team for making my website. You guys did an excellent job!

Since the moment I let you know my vision you build my website in just a few weeks. I am reality grateful for the handwork you put into my project!

My website looks very professional and It is exactly what I was looking for."

JC Rodriguez (President & Founder, BiZzTify)    Rating: 4 - 34 reviews

“Alakmalak was the web developer I turned to when my small business needed a custom website. I had contacted many companies and Alakmalak responded quickly and offered me several options, packages and various website designs. Alakmalak offers quality website designs with affordable pricing that is perfect for small and all size businesses.

Alakmalak had a developer assigned to me and this person walked me through the entire process. We were in constant communication until the project was finished. The interaction was always professional and efficient. I am pleased to say that Alakmalak delivered my website and continue to supply help when I need it.”

Naren Acharya (Art Asia Imports)    Rating: 4 - 34 reviews

It was a right decision to offer our project to Alakmalak. Though it took a time to complete our site but at the end we got 100% what we had expected. I am extremely pleased with the staff and their approach. Customer service is excellent with very quick response to any of our query. Art Asia Imports sincerely thanks Alakmalak for all the efforts to make our beautiful site www.ArtAsiaImports.com worth watching it once to understand their standard of work. Thanks

Kris Belfry (belfrywellness.com)    Rating: 4 - 34 reviews

My name is Kris Belfry from Toronto, Ontario Canada. I found Alakmalak online through a google search. Like many I was skeptical at first, dealing with someone overseas and even sending money via the internet for such services. However I have nothing but praise for their services. They always provided quick, timely responses, along with pictures to help illustrate things. High integrity as they provided what they said they would by the time they said it would be done. I highly recommend their services to anyone.

Darren Bainbridge (sherlons.com)    Rating: 4 - 34 reviews

Excellent service and always willing to help. Do not hesitate to contact Alakmalak about your web development project.

Chris Cole (CEO of Ingredients Global)    Rating: 4 - 34 reviews

My name is Chris Cole and I am the CEO of Ingredients Global. I am giving you this recommendation to share my experience with the service Alakmalak has to offer. I started my journey looking at six different companies to undertake the huge task of creating my Industry news website. I surprised to see just how much the prices varied for the exact same thing and this left me a bit skeptical on which company to work with. It finally boiled down to two companies and the deciding factor for me was the helpful communication I received from Alakmalak, who were more interested in me and creating my website than what the others had to offer, which was just looking at the $$$ signs. I won't lie the price was also a determining factor due to my budget restraints but this team was so helpful in taking my idea, my budget limits and setting out a plan to make it a reality. The experience was beyond what I was expecting. A full plan and description was laid out for me before any work was done, this also included a payment plan to help with my budget. Once I gave them the green light the magic started. Page by page was created to my specification and all along the way I was provided the tool to see what was being done and never left in the dark. Nish and his team would communicate with me on a daily basis (even on the weekend when I had question!). They wouldn't proceed with anything else until I was completely happy with the current page they were working on. I was always asked to review (in my own time), give my comments on any changes so that it was exactly what I liked, to iv you an example, this even included the smallest detail like a shade of blue, an absolute fantastic service from this team. The site I wanted them to create was not a simple company website but a full scale industry news website with a job board, ad management system and CMS system and very pleased to say these guys delivered for me and in great time too. They went far and beyond my expectations and even over delivered once the website was created. Bravo! I cannot be more thankful and happy with the work they done. I cannot recommended this team enough as you can see from all my comments and if you are presently in my situation, where you are at the start of planning and looking at your budgets and wondering if this company can do the job, then think no more, as these guys are 100% legit, very reasonable on the price and do a great job. The whole process was very smooth and I will definitely be using them for all my future websites and recommending them to all my friends for their web developments. I am currently populating my site which is why I have an "under construction sign" up as I am populating the site with news and videos but please take a look soon. The first thing you will notice is that its professional and easy to navigate which is one of the things I ask Nish and team to do. Thank you all again for the great work Nish and team and for those reading this, I hope this recommendation will give you need to take the first step on your journey's as you have found a company that looks after you and delivers.

Eddie Salem (instnt.me)    Rating: 4 - 34 reviews

Working with Alakmalak was an absolute pleasure and a seamless transaction. Your follow up was exceptional and the work was Grade A! Would love to work with you again!

Jack McDaniel (blackzonecontrollers.com)    Rating: 4 - 34 reviews

My name is Jack McDaniel and I'm the founder of Blackzone Controllers. We build and are the #1 seller of modded video game controllers for XBOX ONE and PS4 consoles on Amazon, we have a 4.9 star rating and have been rated #1. We have been very successful on Amazon but the time had come for us to expand our own distribution channel. After interviewing multiple web developers both local and offshore for categories based on budget, scheduling, communication and quality of existing projects we choose Alakmalak. Having had the opportunity to work with Alakmalak to lead our web effort, I can give an objective perspective of my experience.

I was somewhat concerned about an offshore contractor to do our work, but I have some previous experience doing work as such so it was not a big issue. I will say that if you do have concerns with proximity or communication, my experience was daily communucation via telephone and email that was clear, concise and of great value.

At the initial stage of planning Alakmalak learned about our product, concept and current sales strategy.

The planning on the site was great. Our concept was implemented as described.

We decided to incorporate some of our existing Amazon processes into the site adding additional complexity. The back end part of a website can get very complicated, but the project development on this went very smooth.

Backend functionality and usability:
The features that you need to run an ecommerce enterprise are endless; from inventory, shipping, customer data, order processes, etc.. Not only does Alakmalak build an excellent website but the backend is just impressive, but even more impressive is their interest in teaching you how to use it.

Recommendation: Absolutely yes.

Sohil Patel (arunautomationsystem.com)    Rating: 4 - 34 reviews

Working with J info Technologies was a delight from start to finish. They worked hard to fulfil our requests and we are very happy with our end website! I highly recommend.

Vinoo Jacob (Senapps Technologies)    Rating: 4 - 34 reviews

We looked at several website development companies. Alakmalak was the most responsive and gave us a very competitive quote.

It was very easy to communicate the requirements. The first design we received was impressive and we went with it. As we were starting up operations this was exactly what we were after, not needing to spend much time on website design. As we were still defining our products and offerings, there were many instances where we had to change our original requirements. Alakmalak team was very accommodating and quickly responded with the design changes. Very personable team to work with.

Lionel Barkle (woodspark)    Rating: 4 - 34 reviews

When I realized that if I wished my small home based woodworking business to become successful then I needed to advertise the services and products. After being convinced that operating a 'Web Page' was the best way to achieve a base from which to work from, it was my good fortune to be put in touch with 'Alakmalak' The team there put together a 'Web Page' that suited my requirements exactly from the get go. The team were easy to deal with and they provided all the back up and support that I needed. I would totally recommend them to anyone wishing to acquire a 'Web Page'

Federico Bilches (latmeco.com)    Rating: 4 - 34 reviews

I want to thank you Nish and all Alakmalak team for take my project and help me to improve my website!

Thank you for your responsibility and seriousness at the time to do corrections and improvements on my website and for always be in touch with me.

Highly recommended! Great team! Great company! I'm very thankful Alakmalak!


Dominic (Lex eHealth Ltd)    Rating: 4 - 34 reviews

The team at Alakmalak provide an excellent web development service and are always willing to assist with any query or issue. I recommend them and look forward to working with them again.

Brad Baldwin (Taj Global Understanding)    Rating: 4 - 34 reviews

The team at Alakmalak provide a professional and efficient web design process. After having difficulties with previous web design companies, I took a chance several years ago with Alakmalak and have been extremely satisfied and have built several sites with them. With Alakmalak you get a quality product, great customer service, and a good price.

Lexi (T & J Communication)    Rating: 4 - 34 reviews

Wow! I am very satisfied with the value & service that Alakmalak provided! My designer went above and beyond to meet my expectations - they were able to create visual tutorials to help me edit my site, provided stock images, communicated efficiently and effectively, and continued to help and answer questions after our final payment. The design of our site is very simple, however, that is what we wanted. I will definitely be using Alakmalak again for future projects!

Leonard Koolman (USA)    Rating: 4 - 34 reviews

"Great work and very friendly staff. This was my first project to outsource and don't have any complaints. Good communication and excellent service." rating 4 out of 5.

Frank M. Cali. (USA)    Rating: 4 - 34 reviews

A few kinds words to say about Alakmalak programming and design. Working with these guys is always such a great relief. You know you are getting your stuff done right and usually always in a timely fashion. I’m a middle man for the most part And my clients are always happy with the end result. Can’t beat the prices or the customer service anywhere in the world. I’ve been through more than a few companies in my time on the web and these guys are tops. I will be using them again.


Janique Ingold (Limesone)    Rating: 4.5 - 34 reviews

Building up the website with Alakmalak was great - fast support, friendly staff and overall a fantastic experience! I will come back.

Andrs Zepeda (Bacterius Limited)    Rating: 4.5 - 34 reviews

I wanted to take a few moments and send our appreciation to you for the work you did on the Bacterius Limited website and our sister company IVPacks. All of the demands we itemized to you at the beginning of both projects were met and were completed in the timeframe you promised. The communication and general responsiveness from your group was far better than previously experienced through other web designers. It was a pleasure doing business with your team and we will return to you again in the future for additional projects.

Ram Panicker, Ph. D. (Product Line Manager)    Rating: 4.5 - 34 reviews

Thank you very much for the website design & development in a timely manner. I am very pleased with the ease with which one can edit the site contents.

Lisa Darveniza (Director - Real Photo)    Rating: 4.5 - 34 reviews

As my business was expanding so rapidly I needed to overhaul my branding, in particular my website. I wanted to outsource this task but was hesitant who to trust to get the job done. Alakmalak were helpful and understanding about my caution from the start and worked hard to alleviate my doubts. As we began to build my dream site my trust of the team grew. They allowed me to feedback as many times as I needed until the site was just how I wanted it. My requests for skype chats were met promptly and the end result was a site that has wowed my clients. I feel it is a unique website that really showcases the high quality photographic work we do. I am proud to direct prospects and clients to our site. This is all thanks to Alakmalak. They continue to be on hand for additional changes that I need help with. Great job team Thanks for everything.

Rajiv (Colva Insurance Services)    Rating: 5 - 34 reviews

I hired AlakMalak to build a website for an insurance servicing company that catered to educated and professional individuals. They did a great job making the site as professional as possible. What most impressed me was their work-ethic and dedication to making sure that I was satisfied. They implemented changes and worked so fast, that I found it hard to keep up with them! Whatever changes I requested they welcomed and implemented very quickly.

If you have a strong idea of the content and layout and design that you want for your website, AlakMalak is a great company for implementing them at a cost that is very reasonable to American clients. My only recommendation for improvement is that I wished they would pay a little more attention to detail and check formatting/presentation after implementing coding changes as it would have prevented me from having to catch the errors. Nevertheless, I will be implementing more features for my website in the future and they will definitely be the first people I contact.

Navid Kohan, Esq.(Law Offices of Navid Kohan)    Rating: 4.5 - 34 reviews

I highly recommend Alakmalak to anyone that is considering getting a website. The staff there is very knowledgeable and eager to help, working directly with you, creating a website per your specifications. They are readily available to answer your questions, helping you through out the process. The professionals at Alakmalak were available to accommodate me and make many requested revisions until I was 100% satisfied with the website!

Josie, Canada (Mrs. Bean Gourmet Coffee)    Rating: 4 - 34 reviews

I will gladly give one. It was a pleasure working with you and I wish your business will grow big and expand, as you provide excellent service

Marc W. - Los Angeles, CA   Rating: 4.5 - 34 reviews

Alakmalak Technologies has set the new standard for web development in the US! The highest degree of professionalism, turn-around time and code, done right! -- Alakmalak will now be my first stop in shopping for all my internet development needs!

I contacted Alamalak on a whim after doing a Google search. At first I thought (for many various prohibitive reasons: from geographic distance to potential English language barrier) that nothing would would come of my inquiry. I was surprised by both the speed and professional (articulate) reply.

My request was quickly accommodated and an agreement was reached. The project was completed with zero hassle, with the fact of being complete time zone opposites virtually imperceptible and in a time frame that left me racing to keep up with them!! On a scale of 1 to 5 -- I give them a 7!

Well I must say ... I am profoundly moved by your level of detailed expert work, friendly and courteous manner. And professionalism. If you guys / Alakmalak are any example of the norm.... No wonder everyone outsources to India these days!

I will give out your company name coupled with a glowing referral anytime I am involved in a conversation regarding work. And I look forward to working with you every time I get a job that requires code.

Simon LavaIlée (Spécialiste stratégie web et communication)    Rating: 5 - 34 reviews

From what I have seen recently, you?re team is fast and I like that.

Ramesh Venkat (CeQuotia Consulting)    Rating: 5 - 34 reviews

It's been a good experience working with you guys. I will use you again if there is a need.

Mr. Winter, Netherlands (HelloGeneration.com)    Rating: 4 - 34 reviews

Thanks for the Fantastic Services. We would definately recommend you guys everybody.

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