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Android Developer

Experience : 1 - 3 Years Salary : As Per Industry Standards..

Role Definition :

Android Developer is responsible for developing the application in android coding as per client's requirement which is defined in the scope and provide the provide a Technical solution to serve the customers Need.

Responsibility Deliverable

To develop website user-friendly as per client's requirement defined in the scope.

  • Java coding
  • Fulfil client's requirement as per scope definition & designated time.
  • Troubleshooting & Testing the work
  • Openness to learning New technologies / framework / library

Task and activity

  • Coding in Java - Use MVC Standard format.
    • A tester should not able to find any bugs in the coding done by you.
  • Understanding the business requirement of the client, from the scope of work, and make sure all design and API or doc relevant to the scope.
    • By following the defined coding standards and the structure of the company.
    • Also, document the coding and proper reporting of the work done during the day for the task allocated.
    • Before start app, kick-off meeting should be required.
  • Before submitting any work to review, make proper tests, with all possible cases.
    • The tester or client should not be able to find any bugs in the coding done by you.
    • In case of any issues faced, you should efficiently find a solution to the issue in a timely manner.
  • If a project is not time-bound, will give a chance to learn new technology.
    • If one wants to work in a new technology which they have never worked before, they need to demonstrate basic working knowledge of that technology by giving a test, only after which new technology will be allocated.

Measurement metrics

  • Client or user's reviews about the App
  • Number of Bugs discovered by internal team ( coordinator, TL, PM, Tester )
  • Time has taken versus estimated time, and Ideal time required to complete the task.
  • # of times require help from colleague or Team leader while coding / trouble shooting


  • Logical Thinking
  • Trouble Shooting
  • Debugging Methods
  • Self Starter
  • Time Mangement
  • Testing
  • Team Player


  • Java, Core Java
  • Android Studio
  • Strong experience of UI Design
  • Strong experience to use a third-party library
  • Rest API