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Full Time Dedicated Resource Model

Type Hours per Week Hours per Month Price per Month
HTML Designer 40 170 GET PRICE
PHP Developer 40 170 GET PRICE
AJAX Developer 40 170 GET PRICE
Search Engine Optimizer 40 170 GET PRICE
Project Manager 40 170 GET PRICE
Senior PHP Developer 40 170 GET PRICE
  • Communication Via Chat, email and Phone when required.
  • Professionals are available at Indian Time Zone.
  • No Setup Fees
  • Billing done Monthly in advance for the next month.

Part Time

Type Hours per Week Hours per Month Price per Month
HTML Designer 20 80 GET PRICE
PHP Developer 20 80 GET PRICE
AJAX Developer 20 80 GET PRICE
Search Engine Optimizer 20 80 GET PRICE
Project Manager 20 80 GET PRICE
Senior PHP Developer 20 80 GET PRICE

Minimum Hire is for one full month required to get into any of the same. If you want to go for Less then a Month Duration Click here to See our Hourly Block Packages.

  • Communication Via Chat, email and Phone when required.
  • Professionals are available at Indian Time Zone.
  • No Setup Fees
  • Billing done Monthly in advance for the next month.

Hourly Packages

  • Work given would be spread across days.
    Means in one day depending upon the availability of the resource, either 2 hours or 3 hours of average work will be done in one working days.
    If you need faster response, Please order our Express services Plans.
  • Work will be co-ordinated via a coordinator who will act as a single point of contact.
  • You can't directly speak with the developer, but with the co-ordinator, who is a person well versed in Verbal and Written English
  • Work would be carried out during our day office hours.
  • No project management, Layout template designer, HTML designer, QA ( Testing) resources can be combined when you are hiring a Php Developer.
  • In order to involve multiple types of resources, you need to either take a Express service plan or contact our sales team for a Custom Combination Plan.

Express Service Plans

If you have something that is urgent which requires a Fix, our plans are as under

  • Minimum of 6 Hours of Guaranteed work per working day.
  • It can start from the next working day onces ordered
  • Can't make use of Shared resources, Means if you have hired a php developer, can't use a HTML developer or along with it.
  • The developer will not be available for Direct 1-1 chat, but the project co-rodinator can be contacted for any conversation or phone or chat.

Emergency Support Plans

  • This is useful for 24 Hours Emergency Support
  • Irrespective of the time, you can contact us and based on the availability we can start off in no time.
  • This is for a Sr. Level Developer who will be assigned to help you during any time zone of your choice.

Over 3000+ Projects Completed

  • Fitness with ml

    Technology : WordPress, Php Region : United States Industry : Fitness, Yoga

    more details
  • Web design & Development

    Technology : WordPress, Php Region : United States Industry : Fitness, Yoga

    more details
  • We can do this for You Too!​

    Benefits - Why Us ?

    Professional web & mobile application development company never let you pay more than you need

    We at Alakmalak Technologies are on a Mission to help Small & Medium Size business to have an online presence by which they become visible to their target audience and execute your business idea to reality, by creating your website, web applications & mobile application, which creates exponential business growth & execution of your idea at a reasonable cost, so that you can stay ahead of your competition.

    • 3000 +

      Projects Completed

    • 16 +


    • 7500 +

      SQ.FT. SPACE

    • 70 +

      Resource Strength

    Recognized By

    Why you will love us ?

    • We keepyou updated

      We keep you posted with a single point of contact on all milestone completion via Weekly Review calls on basecamp, Jira, Asana.

    • We deliveron time

      We Deliver as Promised with clear & transparent communication in reasonable time.

    • We getit completed

      We do use Github, Bitbucket for code repositories & get the project completed as per scope of work defined.

    We can do this for You Too!​

    Frequently Asked Questions​

    For what type of work can you hire the developers?

    You can hire a developer for your product or service, a website or a mobile application, where you have ongoing development or a new one, we can serve you.

    How does hiring a developer become helpful?

    If you need a developer for a limited period it does not make sense to hire someone and fire him after your work is done if it is for a short period. You can hire a consultant, but they charge almost double for short term assignments. Instead if you hire from us you save money. Moreover , you can get a resource that suits skill sets based on their role.

    At Alakmalak Technologies, the developer is trained to work on a remote basis, and therefore they can immediately start working on your project. We also have good capacity in number of developer , so you no need to worry about the developer’s non-availability or if they got ill, we shall arrange for other developers.

    What is the process to hire a developer?

    We ask you certain questions to know about your project and required skill sets. Based on that we do internal fitment of our in-house resources for your project and line them up for an interview where you check whether they are in line with your requirements and then if you confirm we arrange for them to work on your project.

    Will the developer work on a dedicated basis on my project?

    Yes, the developer will work 8 hours a day / 5 days a week (Monday to Friday) only on your project. You need to make sure that he/she has enough tasks to work everyday

    Will I get any non-working hours credited or carried forward to next month?

    No, you don’t get it carried forward to next month when you are doing a dedicated hiring. But if you hire on hourly basis you can do that based on the package you have procured.

    Will the developer communicate with me in English?

    Yes, the developer is good at writing and chatting in English. However, if you require proficient and seamless communication then we suggest you should hire our Business analyst or project coordinator or a Project Manager to be very effective in verbal communication.

    Will a developer manage my project?

    If its a dedicated developer model the tasks management has to be done by your, if you have not hired a project manager in your team. We suggest you to hire our Project Manager on top of the developer in case you feel a project management is not your forte, or you require a Sr. resource to mange a team of developers.

    Will I get QA done on my project?

    A developer will do a basic testing, but if you want high level and detailed QA to be done, you need to hire a QA resource. If its a fixed price project we do the QA part from our end.

    What are the mode of communication?

    Developer could be available over the phone, chat or video conference on (skype, zoom, google meet) during the working hours

    What if I need support during off hours or weekends?

    It is possible with our express service cost provided with our developers availability in case of any emergency, as you know it's difficult to get good resource work on night times, not many skilled full people agree to work at night times that frequently.

    How would I get my project updates?

    Unless you don’t have any preferred communication tool, then we create your project on or Jira or NiftyPm and developer will provide you updates and reporting there

    Do I get timesheet reports?

    Yes, the developer will maintain a standard time sheet with date, task, task description and time taken. Developers will share the timesheet on a daily, weekly or monthly basis depending upon your needs.

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