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400% ROI Case Study​​

Our clients got upto 400% ROI by engaging us.

Minyee JI,Atlantic City, NJ​

The customization I required for the website on the front end, was taken care by the team , and was completed and customized in a timely manner. The team provided me with regular updates on the development progress, which helps me be up to date with the project. I would recommend anyone looking for customizations on the backen to contact them, they will make sure you are satisfied with your project!

Manish Trivedi,Furnizone, UK

We used Alakmalak to create a new website for our company. We have been in business for over 6 years now and wanted to redevelop our site in order to attract more clients. Our existing website was outdated and didn't work well with mobile. We were looking for a design that was sleek, modern, and would function well on all devices without needing to use an app in order to access our content.

Pranav Shah,MSPL Store

We were looking for a Website partner, who no only creates a website for us, but also suggest what we need to change to get the maximum conversion so that more people convert and make the purchase, but they also offered digital marketing solutions, that gives us strategy to acquire new traffic and which is helping to take our business to next level.

We can do this for You Too!​

Benefits - Why Us ?

Professional web & mobile application development company never let you pay more than you need

Alakmalak is a professional Website Development Company in India that helps to grow your business and take it to the next level at Affordable budget with the help of our experienced Indian Web developers. Providing awesome desired results.

Our Strength

  • 3000+

    Projects Completed

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    Resource Strength

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    Countries Served


4 International Level Certification

Partnerships with web development and digital agencies for Outsourcing and white-label Services.

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An Effective Website Is the One That Serves Your Needs.

Recognizing a great website is often a gut feeling: it's fast, works perfectly on phones, and leaves you impressed. Most folks don't dwell on these things, and that's the magic. Creating this seamless experience calls for a talented team, like the experts at Alakmalak Technologies, a top-notch website development company in India. Our proficient Indian web designers and developers ensure your website performs at its best for your business.

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Here are some of big IT firms who have Recognized us as one Top Website & Mobile App Development Company in India

Why you will love us ?

A website development company in India, offers top-notch custom web design and development services. We provide solutions for all your business challenges, ensuring user-friendly systems that even non-tech teams can handle. Our experienced Website Developers truly grasp your needs, empowering your business to reach new heights.

  • We keepyou updated

    We keep you posted with a single point of contact on all milestone completion via Weekly Review calls on Basecamp, Jira, Asana.

  • We deliveron time

    We Deliver as Promised with clear & transparent communication in reasonable time.

  • We getit completed

    We get it completed We do use GitHub, Bitbucket for code repositories & get the project completed as per scope of work defined.

  • NDAAccepted

    Keep all information confidential and sign an NDA to protect it.

Over 3000+ Projects Completed

Fitness with ml

Technology : WordPress, PhpRegion : United StatesIndustry : Fitness, Yoga

Web design & Development

Technology : WordPress, PhpRegion : United StatesIndustry : Fitness, Yoga

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OVER 600 Small, Medium and Large Enterprise business clients have chosen us from 55 COUNTRIES


I want to thank all Alakmalak team for take my web development project and help me to improve my website! Thank you for your responsibility and seriousness at the time to do corrections and improvements on my website and for always be in touch with me. Highly recommended! Great team! Great website development company in India! I'm very thankful, Alakmalak!

Frank M.

A few kind words to say about Alakmalak Technologies Website Company India. Working with these guys is always such a great relief. You know you are getting your stuff done right and usually always in a timely fashion. I’m a middle man for the most part, And my clients are always happy with the end result.

Navid Kohan,

I highly recommend Alakmalak to anyone that is considering getting a website. The staff there is very knowledgeable and eager to help, working directly with you, creating a website per your specifications. They are readily available to answer your questions, helping you through out the process.

We can do this for You Too!​

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers​

Do you sign an NDA ? Who owns the IP of the code ?

The very first thing before sharing the concept / Idea, when asked, we share a mutual NDA ( Non Disclosure Agreement) . After which you can share your details, we adhere to strict compliance, and have this further with all our team members. Basically when something custom is made for you, the client owns its IP ( Intellectual property) when exclusively described in the scope.

How soon can we start the work ?

Depending upon the resource availability, generally we can get started immediately, if it requires wireframes and design, and once they are approved, a development team can be arranged within a week or two. If you have something urgent, do let us know we offer express service plans.

What do we need to give you to get started ?

Depending upon your need, the requirements differ. For example if you want a CMS website, then we would need answers to our questionnaire, that helps our layout artist on what you like. If its a customized project, we would need a call to discuss the requirement, which will be documented by our Business Analyst. If you have a wireframe, or any document that you have made can be shared to our team to take it further.

How can we pay you ?

We offer various different payment options, like Credit card, Debit card, using VISA or Mastercard. You can even transfer money through Wire transfer in various different curries like USD, EUR, GBP, AUD & Many others. You may also pay using Paypal, but we charge an additional fee if you use this service, as we end up paying 9% more if paid via Paypal. We do not accept payment via Crypto at this moment.

What time zone do you operate and How do you communicate ?

We make use of Zoom or Google Meet to connect, as we feel that communication can be effective when we can see each other, along with verbal body language plays a very vital role for effective communication. We overlap about 2 hours of time with your time zone, so that communication can easily be done.

How big is your team ? Since how long are you in business ?

We have a team of 70+ people in our team. We do not outsource further. Most of the work we do happens in house. We have been in business since 2006, and have a vast experience of service clients from almost every part of the world, Having worked with almost every possible industry our developers have great imagination power to understand your needs and put your ideas to reality. If you are able to explain what you want, we can deliver what you want.

How much experience do the developers assigned to our project have ?

Based on the project's requirement, we select the candidate who is well trained in effective project development life cycle. They are well aware of tools like SVN, GitLab, Github, Bitbucket, etc. We provide period training to them to uplift their skills and knowledge to make sure that they deliver on time. Their experience depends on the project needs from 2 years to 8 years of experience in a specific technology or total development experience.

Do you offer White label Services ?

Yes we do. Where we remain in the background or use your company's identity ( email / phone )to communicate with the end client, and never disclose our identity to the end client. We have some clients for whom we are working for more than a decade via such an arrangement.

How are you priced ? What are the different pricing Models you operate at ?

We offer three different pricing models. Fixed price, in case the requirements are well documented along with wireframes, user stories, use cases. We offer a Full time / Part time dedicated service model, where the developer works as an extended team member, where you manage them directly, or hire our Project manager or Team leader to manage the resource. Third is an Hourly price model, where we give a price per hour for the resource. Based on the resource, their expertise, and number of years of experience, the price would vary.

Do you offer a discount for a long term association ?

Based on the type of work, and arrangement, on a case to case basis we can offer some discount if the engagement is more than 9 months. Generally the delivery and quality is more important than giving discounts and not keeping enough margins.

Our Web Development Technology Competence

How Much Should a Website Cost?

Website costs can differ greatly due to factors like project complexity, size, features, customization, developer expertise, and location. Here are some cost guidelines:

  • Simple Website

    A basic, static site with a few pages and minimal features typically ranges from$500 to $1500, based on developer rates and your specific needs.

  • Small Business Website

    A small business site with extra pages, mobile-friendly design, CMS for updates, and key features usually costs$1,000 to $10,000.

  • E-commerce Website

    Cost varies widely based on product count, store complexity, payment setup, inventory management, and extra features. Typically, e-commerce sites range from$2,000 to $30,000+.

  • Custom Website

    A highly customized site with advanced features and unique needs may begin at$2,000 and exceed $50,000, depending on project complexity.

6 Stupid Mistakes Brainy People Make When Partnering with Web Developer

6 Stupid Mistakes

Brainy People Make When Partnering with Web Developer

  • Mistake #1

    Paying Too Little

  • Mistake #2

    Paying Too Much

  • Mistake #3

    Hiring a 'Developer' Who is Just a Designer

  • Mistake #4

    Not Getting a CMS

  • Mistake #5

    Not Doing Your Homework

  • Mistake #6

    They Don't Follow Their Own Advice


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